Witch Craft

I’ve written about this topic before but I’ve almost always removed the post or neglected to post it at all because the Craft is such a taboo subject even today.

Over the hundreds of thousands of years in the history of human beings Witch Craft has existed on every continent of the entire planet. There is not a single culture that doesn’t claim some form of the craft which is what makes it such a beautiful system of existence.

I believe, for the record, that there is a God. Beyond that I believe there are several hundred ancient beings that exist in our universe beyond that which we can see. I believe the souls of our ancestors are with us always guiding us gently along our journey.

I believe that when we are stoned we can reach higher levels of understanding so long as our sessions are at least somewhat spiritual in nature, and I believe that smoking with others can cause deep connection or great grievances to be aired amongst the group.

That being said I am a Witch who believes in Gods, and believes that fairy tales are just legends written by our ancestors to remind us that there is more to this world than we will ever understand.

I’ve never been overly comfortable using Spell Craft, but I know how to do it quite successfully. I believe, I should add, that spells in of themselves are prayers just like any other, the only true difference is that they happen to rhyme.

I believe there is a give and a take to the craft and when you ask you must be willing to give in equal measure. This is a lesson I have spent a long time learning and trying to vocalize so that I know I am on the right path.

After being raped by a Priest in Calgary, I started to lash out with God and behave in ways that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I kept the secret like a good little girl and found a toxicity within myself that I didn’t understand at the time.

I am only just now beginning to understand the damage caused to me by that priest, and in understanding that I am beginning to understand just how much The Craft has saved my life.

There are many God’s that I have learned from, from many different cultures around the world, such as Morganna who teaches me to be strong even when I feel I am weak.

Hecate who teaches me to laugh at the ridiculousness of life, and allows me to rectify my desire to blame others for my mistakes, and Thor who reminds me that I am a bit of a fucking drama queen some days.

The God’s have taught me a lot, but none more so than Ganesha, who taught me to search through my memories to find my true self through my writing.

In the world of Krisya Ohana there is no “one God” ideology, the idea in Krisya Ohana is that if a God or Goddess could exist in any possible potential maybe form, than they probably did, because the law of averages said so.

This was a lesson I’d discovered when I was about five or six years old I think, because I was born a fucking genius. The abuse that I experienced made me forgot that I used to think this way as a child, and it’s only through studying the Craft and looking over all my notes over the last fifteen years, did I begin to realize how much the craft has done for me.

I am stronger now because the Gods were here to challenge my ideas of the world, and because they showed me what I could be, by giving me the chance to realize the life I knew I didn’t want. They challenged everything I thought I believed about myself to test my commitment to survive anything the universe could throw at me…except Aliens, because I ain’t got time for that shit.

I literally wrote that when I was about fifteen, because I was a fucking weirdo.

None of these beliefs would be apart of who I am if it weren’t for the craft that taught me that Spirituality and the belief in God is a deeply personal journey that no outside force has the right to judge.

Through the craft I learned to accept the parts of Christianity that help me to be a better person, while ignoring the bullshit that says I am going to go to hell if I don’t behave a certain way.

Witch Craft is a hard path to follow, because in of itself the knowledge contained by other witches is powerful and old. Ancient laws apply and they don’t go easy on you just because you’re new at the craft. Witch craft doesn’t care if you’re a gentle soul, it will destroy everything about you to test your commitment to wanting to be a witch, and it is the most beautiful journey you will ever experience.

Okay truth is sometimes it will be beautiful, and sometimes it will just be fucking weird, but it’ll be an adventure none the less.

To all the neophytes out there, welcome to the craft, we’ve been waiting for you.

Sending all my love,

Siddha Lee Saint James