The War

The Pele seeds

Sometime during the year of 1840, forty six years before the founding of Vancouver, the Hawaiian Volcano known as Pele erupted in the world’s largest eruption to date.

It is on this same day that through time and space, planetary alignment occurred in a most unusual way, with the planets aligning in what scientists could only describe as “ass backwards and upside down.” A perfect crescent moon was built across the universe with the planets aligning largest to smallest. It is on this date that the scientists of Krisya Ohana refer to as “the Realignment,” a point in time when space and time are physically bent in such a way that that which was old can become knew again.

In other words, they say it’s the date that Pele’s eruption signified an opportunity for Ancient Gods to walk the Earth again. It is said that for the last ten thousand years, the earliest inhabitants that came before have been leaving clues to the date of their return, and that if only we chose to work together, would we understand our roots.

The society of Krisya Ohana is devoted to the exploration of the idea that we are descended from the most ancient of humans who had the ability to bend space and time to their will. They call themselves Krisyanites, and live on Earth among the most mundane of us. They live lives dripping in secrecy and claim among them the world’s most fundamentally powerful people.

Included in their secret organization are Celebrities, Dignitaries, Politicians, Scientists, Philosophers and members of our highest Government offices. They live among us and are often refereed to as “Legacy’s,”.

There is a second group of secret peoples living amongst us and they call themselves Palarian’s who can bend time and space so well they can astral project their entire being into our dreams. Controlling our minds and our desires to their will.

It is the Krisya Ohana who fights against the Palarian’s, without realizing they fight against their own very nature.

And then there is the third, the group who come from both sides of the war, the descendants of those who were infected by the majickal release of energy on the day of the Pele eruption.

They are the children of those who came before who are trying to end the war, who are fighting against their very nature to hate each other, in order to shift reality to a place of peace.

The interlopers, who call themselves The Guardian’s of Krisya Ohana. Ruled by none other than Elizabeth and Tobias Damascus of Surrey British Columbia.

This is their story, and theirs alone.

Siddha Lee Saint James and Avalyne Badis Cavanaugh