The Tattoos

79604aabf27f67b16094327d885a36ddThe Tattoos are as much of the world of Krisya Ohana as the characters themselves. To identify each other, the Kris people wear a tattoo of geometric and constalational design on their left wrist, hand or thumb. Similar but not necessarily identical to what you see in the picture to the left of this post.

They come in a variety of shapes and colours, but each and every one of them will incorporate the Crescent moon somehow in reference to the Goddess Nyx, Goddess of the Moon mother to Persephone.

The number of Diamonds just below the moon signify the presence of a Guardian (1), a Royal (2) or an Elder (3). The numbers signify the status in the community of Krisya, and allow people to identify each other easily without ordinary humans being any the wiser.

The constellation will refer always to the Element, and the Birth of the wearer, which will denote the Goddess or God that protects that particular individual. The colors of the tattoo are also important. Guardians and Royals may receive their tattoos in a variety of colors to help signify their tribe, but Elders tattoos will always show up as silver or gold.

116920b052844616002ab528c82a60b3A Gold tattoo signifies an elder who has reached Elemental status and is very rarely seen as these particular Elders prefer to stay high in the Colombian mountains where they can ….well it’s assumed they get high and meditate, but no one really knows because they never show themselves to the rest of the tribe unless absolutely necessary.

Only a few artists around the world are permitted to put these particular tattoos on the people of Kris, and they are in fact Kris themselves.

Tattoo shops that belong to the Kris will have some kind of astrological sign or symbol in their wall or window art to signify their status as “Safe” as Kris people will never use a tattoo artist who isn’t “in the know” about the secret society.

tattooScreenshot_4kindpng_4985017116920b052844616002ab528c82a60b379604aabf27f67b16094327d885a36ddKris people believe that these tattoos have a secondary function beyond show and tell, and that is to unite them in the spirit world when they have a need. These tattoos are paid for in barter rather than cash and almost always cost more than some people believe they might be worth.

Tattoos tell the story of the wearer, they are important because more than art they showcase the journey and experience of the wearer and the artist coming together to create something together, rather than as a singular individual. It is imperative to all Kris people that when picking an artist it isn’t just someone who is Kris like themselves, but someone they can trust. Most Kris stick with the same artist their whole lives for this purpose alone.

Also because Kris are snobs.