The Love Letters

“I have a love letter for you…”

Is how each delivery begins. Although the letters are written by my hand they are not easily remembered by my mind.

My name is Devon J Hallgate and on October 27th 2014, I was brutally gang raped by the gang afflicted members of what can only laughingly be called “The Adrenaline Mob.”

While the story of the AM is all over the site what happened that night is not.

I was raped and I made a promise that if I lived that night I would do as much as I could to combat the evil of what happened to me. More than half a dozen men took “turns” with me.

Some were friends pretending to be enemies, like my friend Doug…who sat with me and let me cry myself to sleep until it was time for someone else to “have their turn.” Doug was the one who called my family, who made sure that I wasn’t dead, who had to pretend to hate me so that I would make it out alive.

Or “Angel”, who unlike the street name used to hide someone else’s crimes, is the name of a real person who showed up to make sure that I was “Freed’, as much as possible. It was a violent evening that could have and probably should have ended with my death and by some unknowable miracle did not.

For the first time ever, I handed out more than a hundred letters during Surrey British Columbia Pride, on June 29th, 2019.

With each letter that I handed out, I was reminded of the night I was beaten, drugged, tortured and raped…and more importantly that I survived. Each letter is a hand written reminder that there is a girl here in Surrey, many girls, who have gone through similar occurrences because of the men in this city…and have not survived.

Maple Batalia, The Ingenious women of Vancouver and BC just to name a few, Rena Virk, many women of color who have been beaten or abused and not survived. If you receive a letter, the only thing I ask is that you continue on my mission by writing one of your own and sharing it with someone who might need some love.

I personally have never received a love letter, but it is my hope that my legacy will be a never ending supply of hand written love letters travelling across the globe.

If you would like to submit your own letter, for whatever reason you choose to share or not share, at your discretion, you may do so using the contact below.

Each letter comes hand-written and decorated with my personal stamp of approval before being personally anointed with Amber Oil and blessed by me. Letters sent in Electronically will be posted once a month to…you know…save my delicate hands.


Devon J Hall