The Characters

The Characters of Krisya Ohana have been with me my entire life as Spirit Guides or invisable friends that I could talk to when I was feeling isolated as a child.

They have guided me through their stories and with their age old wisdom, it is my greatest pleasure to bring them to life on this website that I am using as my Writer’s Workbook.

Some of the Characters are named after my favourite movie stars, some of them have been inspired by real people.

Ava Marie Monroe for instance is named after the names of The Miz’s daughter Monroe and Jeremy Renner’s daughter Ava.

The names for these characters come from all over the place, I am inspired by all things that I see and experience. I have tried and will continue to try and weave their stories into the history of Vancouver, British Columbia and Calgary, Alberta because these are two places that have had the most influence on my writing.

The Actors that I have chosen for the “Avatars” have also had a huge influence on me, and because I believe in dreaming big you’ll also find that I have cast each character according to who I think best identifies.

The society in which they all belong is descended from Jesus and Mary of Bethlehem and Nazareth, and each comes with their own special list of abilities that allow them to navigate the human world in secret.

They are a Matriarchal Society and have Lords, Ladies, Kings and Queens, but it is the Queen who is in charge of the Tribe and sits on the Council of Krisya Ohana, with twelve other Queens who rule over the Tribes.

Each of the Queens are referred to as “Elevated Elementals” and have the ability to commune with the spirits in the elemental world. They usually have a staff of assistants and personal aids who help guide them through the struggles of working with the Tribes and stand as the Government for the Krisya Society.

The Men in the tribes almost always take a second seat to the women, and this is because the majick that is passed down through the genetic relations is usually passed down from woman to woman, very rarely will you find a Kris man with majickal or extra sensory abilities, but it does happen.

This page will change as the characters are developed. Enjoy reading.

Each of these characters is copy written to Devon J Hallgate, and may not be used in any shape or form by anyone else. Ever. Without a big fat check.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall