Sugar Ledoux Kingston Kent

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Isobella Ava Marie and Sugar Ledoux Kingston Kent

The daughter of Jonah and Isobella Kingston Kent, Sugar found her way away from her parents at age fifteen with her older by one year sister Ava Monroe.

unnamedThey were granted Emancipation at age fifteen and sixteen by detailing accounts of abuse, isolation and neglect in their family home. At age eighteen they were inducted into the Royal House by Her Royal Highness Patricia O’Bryan Maryweather and his Royal Highness Henry Davidson Maryweather.

Sugar finished high school with her sister at the Point Grey Academy in North Vancouver before both ladies attended The Vancouver School of Arts on scholarship.

Sugar graduated with honors in Dance with a minor in Business from Simon Fraser University and went on to become an award winning dancer who spent ten years travelling the world with a show called Danse de la lumière before breaking her ankle at a show in Paris.

It was this accident that convinced Sugar to put down her dancing shoes, and explore the idea of teaching. Currently she is building a school of Dance yet to be named, in the district of Surrey, British Columbia with a core focus on working with at risk youth.

Sugar’s secondary focus now that she has returned to British Columbia, is on helping youth whose parents lived with Jonah Kingston, emancipation by using her connections to the Kris Tribal Elders. So far she has helped to emancipate more than five hundred youth, all of whom have been placed with Kris families and are attending regular school. Some for the first time in their lives.

With her sister, Ava Monroe, Sugar Ledoux hosts the Kingston Kids as they have come to be known in the press, once a month at Point Gray Academy where they can be around other Kris kids their age.

It is quite an event with prayer, games and dinner that allows the survivors of the Kingston Family the chance to be around people who understand what it was to live under his control.

Sugar is currently single, though she’s always looking, she is also one of the few publicly out Kris, identifying as a proud Lesbian who has attended five Vancouver Pride Parades and danced in them all.

She is an avid fan of listening to the blues and the rain simultaniously, her favorite place in the world is Lagos Africa, and her least favorite is anywhere in Winnipeg.

Although Sugar doesn’t drink she does smoke an incredible amount of weed, it is suspected she has her own farm, but no one has ever been able to prove this.

There are a lot of rumors about Sugar dating the Mayor of Vancouver, both Sugar Kingston Kent and her Honorable Madam has denied these claims of course.

Sugar stands five feet nine and a half inches and one hundred and thirty-five lbs, she has an athletic build with brown skin, green eyes and long black hair.