Submissions are now open for Loud Mouth Brown Girl. Your work will be highlighted through our social media platforms, as well as here on the website. Your work will always remain yours, and we take no responsibility to how our audience reacts.

  • We accept submissions from girls and boys between the ages of 13-19 for our Youth section.
  • Women  between the ages of 20-100


1000-2000 Word minimum



5-100 Words

Photographic Evidence of your art is also accepted and will be added into our upcoming Gallery section.

We are not paying for submissions, and we reserve the right to remove your work at any time for any reason. We will also accept anonymous pieces. We invite you to take a look around the website, let yourself decide if this is the right place for your work. We will post almost anything as long as it is not about technology, because that’s just not our fit.

We tend to lean towards topics of home life balance, work life balance, balance in general.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with but please remember to include any social media links you have so that we can make sure to tag you when the post is published.

Loud Mouth Brown Girl