There are two main strains of Marijuana, and when I say this I am referring specifically to the plants itself. There is Sativa and Indica.

For me personally, I find that Sativa makes me more sleepy than upbeat and ready to work, so I tend to stick with Indica strains that help me function more appropriately.

I am far more interested in writing when I am stoned then when I am sober, and I am far more cautious about how I say things when I am stoned vs when I am sober.

Your body chemistry will dictate how it absorbs the different strains of marijuana, so I while I highly recommend exploration on various strains I also recommend you not doing so without a Doctor’s knowledge.

In fact none of the information here should be consumed without first checking with a Doctor, because I am not one. If you are interested in learning more about the variations between Sativa, Indica and the individual strains, here are some great websites that will help you out.