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There are a variety of things that I can do for you or for your business that might bring people to your door, or might advance what you are trying to do with your brand, so presented for the approval of the Midnight Society, I have created a list of services that I can offer you or your business.


Single Blog Post
Writing blog posts is my jam. I can do a 500-1000 word blog post for you with no problem on any topic from mental health, to trauma.

Blog Series

I will do a whole series for you, on Mental Health, Spirituality, or Trauma Work
$50.00 (For a total of 3 Essays)

One-On-One Blogging Advice
I have accumulated quite a bit of blogging experience, if you want someone to share ideas with, or ask questions of, I have tons of advice to offer. This package also includes looking over your site and coming up with tips, tricks, or ideas to help turn your dream site into your reality site
$25.00 an hour

Public Speaking

Public speaking and engagement experiences are going to depend entirely on the size of the audience expected and how long it is you want me to speak. A minimum of 15 minutes is required for all requests to speak publicly.

Advertising on this Website or My Social Media

I have though long and hard about this and I have decided that I do NOT want to sell advertising space on this website. Too many times in my life have I come to trust people, places, things, and brands, who turned around on a dime and proven that they are untrustworthy. If I believe in your business enough, in you enough, I will probably choose to tell my audience for free.

About Me

I am a 38 year old Podcaster, Published Author, Blogger, Public Speaker, Cannabis and Mental Health Advocate from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

I have more than 20 years worth of experiencing surviving trauma, abuse, and neglect.

My focus is on advocating for better understanding between patients and providers across the Mental Health spectrum.