Strains and Reviews

I want to keep track of the different strains that I have used, and I would like to help take away some of the stigma behind using Marijuana products.

I think and apparently Canada agrees with me, that in this time of the pandemic, Marijuana is an Essential Service, which means that people around the world are waking up to the idea that using Marijuana is not actually as bad as it seems.

There are a couple of great websites out there that have a lot of information on Marijuana and it’s various uses and far more detail about the strains that you can use when smoking, but this is for my own records.

My favourite sites are the following:

On this site you will find my reviews that I have written or will write about strains I’ve used personally, along with short stories and anecdotes created while on the various strains that I’ve used.

I hope you enjoy reading these pages as much as I have and will enjoy writing them.

Sending all my love,

Ava Marie Delacroix