Saint Mary Jane is how I refer to my old friend Marijuana.

I started smoking habitually right right before I joined CJSF radio about two years ago, and it’s become a part of my spiritual and emotional growth.

I think that Marijuana has made me a far more creative and self aware person, but I stress I use it spiritually, as in I respect the herb.

So much so that I created an entire “Saint” to help promote the healthy use of Marijuana.

The Saint is an Air / Earth Element named Saint Mary Jane and while she might hail from Afghanistan, Jamaica also claims the right to call Saint Mary Jane theirs.

No one is quite sure what Saint Mary Jane looks like, or where exactly she came from originally but in my head she has caramel brown skin and green eyes with long silky black hair and a tattoo of a giant pot leaf in the centre of her back with roots that crawl down her hips and around her waist.

Saint Mary Jane stands at five feet eleven inches and one hundred and eighty pounds even.

She has a sweet tooth, but also enjoys the occasional salty treat with her sessions, while she has conversations about the universe and majick. She is in her own right the bonfied Saint of Creativity and expression.

When you smoke a joint, give thanks to Saint Mary Jane by letting it burn for a few seconds in her honour before your lips touch the torch.

Saint Mary Jane is also a Political Saint, who stands up for those who have been persecuted for the use and procurement of Marijuana.

Her powers include the ability of Telekinesis and Telepathy. She has the ability to see into the darkest places within yourself and the power to help you heal the holes left by trauma and abuse.

Saint Mary Jane focuses her energies on teaching you to focus on your own true self, rather than the false self that you build to protect you from the world.

Over the next several months I will be writing about the various strains that I have used which you will find in this section. Once a month on the full moon, Stoner’s everywhere can be heard whispering to the lovely Saint Mary Jane, and if you time yourself just right you can almost feel their presence as they light up simultaneously.

Invoking the Saint should include the lighting of Green Taper Candles and soft music.

The music you use will most assuredly have an impact on your mood when it comes to the consumption of marijuana. I’ve listened to Nightwish and been curled up in tears for hours, while listening to Reggae I feel a lot more relaxed and less triggered or pressured than when listening to hard rap although I feel more creative when listening to 90s Hip Hop and rap.

The safe consumption of the Marijuana plant can aid in anxiety, depression, stress, and other PTSD symptoms. It can also help with or hinder the memory function of the brain, and with practice can be used to help reveal previously hidden or locked memories in the far reaches of the brain.

My opinions are not the replacement for a Doctor’s advice, and everyone should do what feels right to them so long as you are not hurting yourself or someone else.

Marijuana for some people can have terrible side effects, including but not limited to paranoia and stress. I do not recommend using this herb if you have issues with anxiety and stress that are not being managed through proper medication and medical attention.

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Prayer to Saint Mary Jane

Dearest Mary Jane of the Patron Saint of Creativity and Strength,

I call to thee for thy divine aid and guidance

As the Elder Tree burns through my lungs help my fears dissipate

Teach me to allow my creativity to flow freely and purely

So that I cause no harm help me remain silent in moments of stress and anxiety

So I cause honesty, teach me to release my authentic self kindly and with love,

For this I thank thee for your guidance and strength

Blessed Be


To all those sending their love to Saint Mary Jane, Smoke em’ if you got em,

Sending all my love,

Siddha Lee Saint James