Until we meet again…

She wore her hair tied on either side of her head in two perfectly matching buns, wrapped around a dark black elastic. Her five feet nine inch form was wrapped in a long black skirt that ran from her stomach to just under her knees, with a deep red V neck blouse on top.

Her caramel skin bubbled with goosebumps as she felt him step up behind her, the one she called Angel. Jared Dean Damascus, six feet to her five nine, dark brown eyes and short black hair. He wore a deep gray suit with a blood red tie and a small wolf pin at the base of his lapel.

“It’s time,” he said quietly as he reached for her, Siddha turned from the floor to floor ceiling looking out over down town Gas Town, in Vancouver British Columbia as her blood red lips curled into a smile.

“They’re going to say something stupid,” Siddha said as Jared laughed, “always,” he replied softly as she reached for his hand. He pulled her close and rubbed his lips againt the base of her neck as she shivered deeply through her spine and down in between her thighs.

“Stop that,” she whispered in a chuckle that betrayed her desire, “nope,” he replied nibbling against her neck as she chuckled again, “you’ll wreck my make up,” she said shoving at him gently.

“It’ll look better when I’m done,” he grinned wolfishly as he pulled her closer just as the doorbell rang, “it’s time,” she said feeling a tightness in her throat, “I don’t want to do this,” she whispered as he caressed her cheek with his left hand tenderly. “It will only be a few months,” he whispered quietly.

It wouldn’t, it would take years for everything to unravel, for the pain and the damage of the lies that had been told about him to dissipate, if ever. “I know,” she said quietly nodding her head as he stepped away from her to cross through the living room of their downtown loft to the sliding door that led into the hallway.

Siddha followed him taking her time as she gazed at their living room, an L shaped couch faced the window, there was no television in this room because Jared said that he found the streets to be enough entertainment, and she agreed. They had their entertainment room if they wanted to watch a film or television show. The kitchen sat right inside the entrance way, to the left, a modern style kitchen complete with pantry and built by hand copper counters with stone tiling.

The door opened to reveal two of Vancouver Police Department’s finest moonlighting officers, known by the Kris as “Guardians”. It would be their job to protect Siddha and Jared on their way to the courthouse, and if he was permitted to leave, to the family afterwards.

There was a good chance these men would be following Siddha alone for the next several years, so she tried to smile whenever she saw them, be polite, but she could never quite pull it off. Most of the Guardian’s who worked for the Royal Families had come to call her the Ice Queen, but it wasn’t her fault. She had never gotten used to the wealth and power that came with being the woman of Jared Damascus, even if her own family had their own money.

“Hi boys,” Jason said to the two men, both African American, both former Navy Seals or Army Rangers, or something, Siddha didn’t know and didn’t quite care.

They were dressed in matching gray suits with black ties, their hair cut short, both heavy set men of about six feet or so. The left one she knew was Deacon Frost, the one on the right she had never met before, but that didn’t mean anything. Jared had an army of Guardians who protected himself and his family members.

The Guardian’s were largely why Siddha had become a former shell of herself while dating Jared, largely because going out with them always caused a stir, if it weren’t for Jared and his love of spending time outside, she would never by choice, leave the house.

“Ready?” he asked as he reached to the chair resting under the kitchen Island to grab the deep red coat she’d picked out earlier. Siddha nodded quietly as she greeted the men with a wave, as he held up the long red coat for her to wear. The hood rested back in between her shoulder blades as she slid her feet into two six inch dark red heels that matched the blouse she wore.

“I just need a minute,” Siddha said as they moved towards the door, “Jared?” Siddha asked with a bit of a whimper, he nodded to the two men who walked down towards the elevator at the end of the hall, his arms wrapped around her tightly. “It’s going to be okay Sid,” he whispered in her ear as he bent his head down, “no it’s not,” she whispered back unable to help herself. “You’re leaving me,” he felt his own throat choke up as he wrapped his arms tightly around her waist.

“I’ll be back,” he said tightly as his eyes closed against tears that he wanted so badly to release. It wouldn’t be his first time in Jail, if indeed he was found guilty today, but it would be his absolute last if she stuck by him, he promised himself. He stood quickly and turned to leave, “I’ll meet you downstairs,” he said clearing his throat. “I need a minute,” he said.

Siddha squeezed his hand tightly, as she nodded before releasing him quickly, she hurried out of the apartment leaving Jared standing to the right of their kitchen, under the balcony that led to their bedroom.

He’d had it built especially as it had been a one room loft before, he’d split the upstairs into two bedrooms and added a private bathroom as well as one just off the second room. They’d been talking about children just hours before, planning a future both knew was impossible.

As he turned off the light switch by the door, he whispered more to himself then to anything else, “please protect her, I promise this will be the last time,” he said before sliding the door shut.

“We’ll see about that,” came a voice from the shadows that Jared just barely heard and dismissed quickly.