The Fallen

When Jesus died there was a rift created in the Heavens. Nine Kingdoms and all of their Angels went to war with the Nine Kingdoms of hell, Angel against Demon.

Instead of killing the Risen Angels of the Heaven’s, Lucifer gave them a choice, join him as Fallen or join him as Demon risen from the dead. Plenty of the Angels chose the former, riding beside their brother, against their brothers and sisters of the above.

Instead of Perfect Love and Perfect Trust, it was perfect War.

The descendants of the eighteen kingdoms are still fighting that war today, against Guardians bred from the Heavens known as Krisya Ohana.

The Krisya Guardian’s protect the Elemental Elders and the gateways between Kingdoms, they are called the Gate Keepers.

On Earth these Angels are represented by Gypsy people from all over the world. Less than seven hundred and twenty thousand people on Earth are genetically and directly descended from Angels.

Descendants of The Fallen Angels make up less than fifty-thousand of these genetically special human beings.

These people have access to the art of true Gypsy Majick, they have their own government and policing system and choose often to hide themselves from the human race by hiding out amongst them.

These people are generally loners who choose to spend time with “their own kind”, rather than mix interspeciously with mundane humans.

Almost anyone who calls themselves a Gypsy is passing along the message that they consider themselves to be genetically superior to their more mundane counterparts.

Which is to say they are arrogant, selfish and psychotic.

They have their own rituals and do not interact with Risen Angel Descendants.

Or something. I haven’t figured it all out yet, but I can say that because this is just the work book.