Sisterhood of Bachante

This world is built using the well known fictional trope “Majickal realism.” I propose that we are descended from Ancient creatures that have long since found a way to Ascend to higher levels of vibration, but still exist in and around our world.

It is highly possible, nay probable, that we are descended from the Ancient beings known as Angels, and as such we are nothing more than genetic recreations of our former higher elevated Ancestors.

Angels are one of the many examples of majickal creatures you will find littered across this website, nee digital book of thoughts.

Our Angel’s come in many forms, and if we are blessed enough, smart enough to listen to them when they are in our space, we are blessed with tales of their adventures, examples of their heroic and memories that shift through their minds while around us.

It is what you could define as “inspiration”, that we hear when we are in the presence of Angels, who whisper thoughts, ideas and promises to us while we work and while we sleep.

Sometimes our Angel’s get lonely, and decide to interfere in the lives of those they are sent to protect, and we call them trouble makers or…Demons.

Demons come to cause trouble, to interfere and to divert us from our true purpose on this earth. I believe this stems from the fact that they know that for the majority of us, they are losing their grip on this reality. They are losing the power that they have been fighting for all these centuries, and that is why there is the Sisterhood of Bookahaunted or pronounced properly “Bach-a-yan-te

These are the descendants of Angels and Demons whose desire it is to make sure that the messages between worlds are forever passed. They are Teachers, Writers, Philosophers, Legend Makers and they are an elemented race in the world I am writing about on this website.

They are my brothers, and sisters who have found the only ease to what ails them is to sit down and write as if the world were ending and only they have the power to pass on the stories.

These are the artists known as Crafters of the Wyrd. They live to write, whether it’s a fictional tale or a true one. They are the ones to whom the written wyrd runs through their blood and they are a tribe among no other.

My friends, the Sisterhood of Bachante comes from the time of Druids and Witches, when burning books was an actual way of life and the written word was completely outlawed from the lower classes. Education was not only a luxury, it was so much of a luxury that only boys were allowed to learn anything new that required the use of the words “profitable skill.”

Women were murdered for helping each other learn to give birth and required to be barefoot and naked in the kitchen by the age of nine.

The Sisterhood of Bachante is a testiment to the power of women, and the written word, known only to the very highest and most famous names of the Literary world, to those who have yet to be uttered in the halls of a library.

This tribe numbers in the millions the word over, but only the very specially chosen Apprentices are granted the chance to work with the Masters like Stephen King and Nora Roberts.

It is rare for one author to credit another with the knowledge gained through the process of becoming a writer, at least in the coveted pages of a brand new freshly printed novel, and that is because the Sisterhood of Bachante, even with all their numbers, still relies heavily on secrecy.

Not all writers are members of the Sisterhood and not all Sisters admit their existence except in the case of absolute emergency.

It’s not a perfectly organized tribe, but that is where their powers lay, for once a sister is freshly noveced into the tribe, they are forever protected by the millions of writers across the globe who would die to have someone hear their story.

Stories are the most powerful weapon in the world because they can lift one up or completely destroy an entire person’s life. The lack of them could deny an existence, or help a guilty person get away with murder.

The Sisterhood of Bachante understands this and thus chooses to use their words wisely, so if you hear the whispered tone of one sister or brother whispering the word “Bachante” know that your fate is set. You are a writer, and the doors of the world of wyrd are wide open for you to explore, if that is you dare.

Not everyone is cut out to be a writer, not every one is cut out to cut past the bullshit to weave a decent tale, but for those who are willing to slay the demons, learn to hear the thought of others and create a majickal world out of nothing, the Sisterhood of Bachante calls to you.

We are an annoying bunch, the story will come as it comes, but once we put you to work, you’ll find no solace until the tale is weaved and the story has been told.

Welcome to the world of being a writer, it’s one hell of a ride.

With all our blessings,

The Sisterhood of Bachante