Siddha Lee Saint James

de5120e2ab2db88af4902a9d11b39231Daughter of Isobella and Tomas Badis Damascus, Siddha Lee is the girl every one wants to either love or hate.

Born in Calgary Alberta Canada, Siddha Lee was raised predominantly in Surrey, British Columbia where she learned of her ancient linage.

At the age of sixteen, Siddha Lee was kidnapped and forced to be the sacrifice in a dark majick ritual by none other than Jonah Kingston. He used this as an opportunity to raise Persephone from the grave, and yes we mean “that” Persephone. The one who is always looking back at hell which is her excuse for never being able to leave the comfort of the darkness.

Siddha’s soul was forced to take Persephone’s place, and it was only discovered that the two had swapped places because Jason Ford fell in love with the woman he thought was Siddha, but was really the dark Goddess Persephone.

When the Gods realize what has happened, and what Jonah was able to do, they release the Guardian’s known as Gate Keepers who are Angel’s to find Siddha’s soul and return her to her living life on Earth.

Of course because this story is based in the Gypsy and Creole culture with which I was raised, no one outside of Siddha’s family is fully aware of the pain and suffering that Siddha went through.

Her family knows she was kidnapped, raped, beaten and tortured, but they don’t know she actually lost her soul.

Her story as far as this website is concerned picks up sixteen years later when Siddha reaches her thirty-second birthday and is reunited with Jason Ford at a fundraiser for the ARC Society.

Publicly the ARC Society stands for the Arcane Research Society, which means they study and keep track of different organized religions around the world.

Privately they are the hidden society known as the Krisya Ohana, a group of Gypsy related people who claim to be descended from the original seven daughters of Eve. 

Because of what Siddha has experienced she has a keen sense of the supernatural. She is often asked to consult on cases where the phrase “Ritual Rape” comes up when speaking with victims.

She has an Associate’s Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Religious History. Known to the Krisya Ohana as Siddha often times she is asked by the wealthier families in the community to offer readings or protection spells for their daughters.

Siddha Lee dissapeared on her thirty-third birthday after deciding she’d had enough with people and doing spells for money, she is now a recluse living somewhere in British Columbia.

Siddha Lee is dark skinned with silver eyes, stands about five feet ten inches and one hundred and ninety pounds. She has tattoos on both arms given to her while in Jonah’s care, with the words “Stay strong” tattooed on her left wrist.

A bullet wound on her left hip, and a scar in the shape of a six inch Celtic cross in the center of her spine.