Traveler Witches

dc42c46c176f19610117a85e299f78efTraveler Witches have a very special ability, they can travel through time and space using Dream Majick, but there is a high cost. If they travel too far they can get stuck in dreams, which presents as their physical body ending up in a long term coma.

When a Traveler Witch dies in the spirit world, their body turns to ash wherever it is and fades away.

Traveler Witches use herbs and drugs to help them achieve higher forms of consciousness, which leaves them susceptible to attacks from the outside world. That is why they never go into the spirit realm without an Anchor to hold them to their body, and a Guardian near by to protect them from any attacks in the physical world.

Traveler Witches can spend up to thirty years training before they ever enter the dream world on purpose, though they have been known to be pulled into dreams against their will from time to time. When this happens, Traveler Witches can often get “lost” resulting in the aforementioned body coma.

Traveler Witches are incredibly secretive which is why little more information than this is known about the actual ritual that is involved, but we’ll dig into that later.