John Jack Deighton

*The Following is a fictional biography of the man known as Gassy Jack out of Vancouver, British Columbia. I have gone to great lengths to attempt to create something that honors the founder of Vancouver, British Columbia, and I hope you will enjoy reading it.


d-07873_141John Jack Deighton founded Vancouver, British Columbia, in October of 1867.

While many know him to be the owner of the Globe Saloon, and the Deighton Hotel, few people knew he was an ally of the Underground Railroad, which ran through Washington into Bellingham, through White Rock and into Vancouver where the slaves dispersed themselves across the country.

Deighton had two legitimate children with his wife Madelyn O’Connor and one son with his Mistress Gina O’Dare, of Lafayette Louisiana, a freed Slave who helped with the Underground Railroad.

While his wife and children inherited their home in Gas Town (long since sold and turned to condos) Gina O’Dare was granted a settlement of three hundred and thousand pounds upon his death.

The Last descendant of Jack and Gina O’Dare is JJ O’Dare Deighton the forth.