Isobella Kingston Kent

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Isobella Sugar and Ava Kingston Kent

Isobella was seventeen when her mother dissapeared, few people know precisely what happened though it’s assumed she wandered off never to return. So far the bodies of Elizabeth Cavanaugh nor that of her husband Richard Edward Cavanaugh have not been found.

It is suspected that Isobella might have information regarding the case, but no one has ever been able to prove this. Isobella was passed from Foster home to Foster home until she met Jonah Kingston at eighteen, they were married twelve days after her twenty-first birthday when he was forty-seven years old.

She provided him with the first of his children, Sugar Ledoux and Ava Marie Kingston Kent. Both daughters left home through Government Officiated Emancipation at the age of fifteen and sixteen respectively.

Accounts of abuse and neglect were recorded in the official and sealed record of the girls, by all accounts Isobella retreated away from the limelight of being the wife of the famous “Spiritual Leader”, shortly after their daughters escape.

Little information is known about Isobella Kingston Kent these days, it is assumed that she has returned to her aforementioned exile after the funeral, which was hosted at the family compound in Death Valley, Alberta Canada.

That property incidentally has now been seized by the Kris Elders, the families who were apart of the “Family” as Kingston Kent called his followers have been given permission to remain on the property in their homes, until the Elders can decide what to do with them.