She had chosen to dress in all black this particular night, surrounded by humans dressed in jeans and t-shirts she fit right in. At five foot and a nine and a half inches, she wasn’t much taller than the tallest man at the Flamingo Hotel and Bar that evening, it was her long black dreadlocks that put a spotlight on her.

Her caramel skin color didn’t help, she learned early that she was the only woman of color in the bar, but not the only person of color. There was a small smattering of Indo-Canadian men and women, several Black men, but no Black women.

From her corner behind the stage where five booths sat huddled together, she could see the back exit to her immediate right, and the wall hiding the front entrance at her left.

She’d ordered a Whiskey neat, but hadn’t touched it while her silvery blue eyes gazed around the room watching the way the humans interacted with each other. It was interesting to watch them huddled into their groups, all so different, all treating the woman on the stage like she didn’t exist.

Quickly Amitel’s eyes moved towards the back exit where her friend and confidant Jacob Stevenson was just entering. She watched as someone pushed past him, watched the six foot two Russian swallow the quick anger he was known for, she snickered as he made his way towards her, slapping a file down on the table as he took his seat and reached for her drink.

Amitel didn’t bother to stop him as she opened the file to gaze down at the information contained within. “So who is she?” Jacob asked her quietly as Amitel scanned the paperwork, “the one that Jonah wants to kill.” She replied quietly as her long black nails pressed against the file folder, he sighed quietly. “Pretty girl,” he said gazing at the woman on the stage.

Amitel shrugged her shoulders gently, “doesn’t matter how pretty you are when a psychotic lunatic wants to sacrifice you to Lucifer.” Jacob swallowed the last of the whiskey and sighed quietly, “why is everything with you about Lucifer?” Amitel raised a dark black eyebrow and smirked at the corner of her mouth. “It’s kind of my job,” Jacob chuckled softly.

“Does she know who she is?” Amitel shrugged her shoulders, “probably, probably not, I don’t know. My job isn’t to know what she knows, it’s to make sure he doesn’t murder her.” Jacob sighed quietly, “good luck, she’s protected by gangsters who thin…” he paused and sighed. “Go ahead, kick some ass” Amitel chuckled softly. “That’s sort of the plan.”