ARTArt is how we live our lives, and while the format might change, art is art is art, no matter what medium it comes in. It just so happens that my art form is the crafting of words.

As an old mentor and friend Wyrdsmith once reminded me, “just because other people can’t understand it, does not mean it’s not art.”

The truth in fiction is obvious if you know where to look, but the pieces I have decided to share here are in my very own way a work of fiction. While the characters might be written for specific people, who they are in their own right is entirely from the weird place in the back of my mind. I have chosen to share them here because this website is my art. It’s my digital log of all the things that could be, might be, should be, would be, if only things had been different.

While I hope you enjoy the offerings here, they should taken with a grain of salt. The characters and situations I create on this website are ever changing and evolving, and this is the only real record that they existed in my mind at all. Through out time and space I might change their names, faces and identities but they are all based on my experience in this life and mine alone.

This is my voice, my song, my Fashion Week. Nothing on this website will last forever, but while it’s here I hope it brings you a sense of belonging.

I dedicate this website to the boys and girls of Surrey, British Columbia, and hope you find within these stories someone who might, maybe, could, possibly potentionally represent you if only things were different.

Love always, forever and eternally,

Devon J Hall