Random Scene

Siddha Lee Saint James had specifically chosen to wear all black that particular rainy night in Surrey, British Columbia. It was the color of neutrality, it was the color of war, which is exactly how she felt.

Her mind was clearer than it had ever been before when she stepped down from the foot step of the all black Ford SUV which always made her laugh because it shared a name with a particularly favorite human of hers.

Her crystal clear blue eyes gazed lazily around the parking lot as she slammed the door shut, the long black coat she wore waving in the wind from the movement of the door.

Her black boots rubbed against the gravel tightly as she turned to walk towards the back door of the Flamingo Strip Club. To her left a large group of wanna be gangsters smoking a joint and laughing about whatever topic they found amusing at the moment.

The diamond drop necklace at her neck bounced lightly as she pulled open the back door to the alarmingly annoying sound of Taylor Swift bouncing through the speakers which made her wince almost immediately. “Dear Christ,” she muttered to herself as a tall dark haired man dressed in white walked by with a “no shit” muttered under his breath.

Siddha chuckled under her breath as she walked into the club, tossing her long black curls over one shoulder as her eyes scanned the club until they found him at the other end of the bar on her left side.

The stage to her right was filled with a freakishly skinny woman, more rib than stomach for Siddha’s liking as she crossed towards the dark tall handsome man at the end of the bar. He was shaking under his big hulking leather jacket, which made Siddha chuckle again.

He had a crescent moon of hair wrapped around the middle of his otherwise bald head, his brown eyes stared at her angrily as she strolled towards him, immediately wrapping her arms around his neck like they were old friends, he pulled away angrily, “don’t touch me,” Siddha snickered softly.

“Relax pussy…cat, it’s just a friendly hug between…friends,” Siddha grinned wolfishly, her ruby red lips on caramel skin giving her an almost feral look to her otherwise angelical demeanor.

“He’s behind the stage” the man in the coat muttered angrily as he sipped his beer out of a bottle with a pout to his fat lip, Siddha sighed and turned her back to the bar, “Corona,” she called to the bar tender who asked for her order over her shoulder.

Looking bored Siddha’s eyes moved past the stage to the man in the center booth staring at her, dark green eyes and shaggy blonde hair, Siddha yawned as she tossed the bar tender a ten dollar bill as she turned to accept her beer. “Thanks,” she nodded her head, “what you got for me?” Siddha asked, quietly taking a long pull her eyes noticing that green eyes was staring her down.

She watched him stand in the mirror behind the bar, watched him make his way past his groupies and bodyguards towards her, his eyes staying on her. “He calls himself Angel,” Siddha’s eyes narrowed quietly feeling a deep seething rage boiling at the base of her spine. “Does he now?” she replied quietly, in a tight whisper as she felt the growl rise up between her teeth.

“He runs things around here,” Siddha chuckled softly as she turned back towards the man watching as he shoved a woman out of his way, watched the way her bright pink heels bounced off the floor as she fell to the ground.

He grinned, Siddha snarled, before turning to the man beside her, “I’m with my man,” Siddha said quietly as she turned away from the one calling himself by her brother’s name.

“Angel” laughed “you’ve got to be joking, him?” the man beside her sighed quietly as he stood to his full six foot stature, his dark gray beard rolling in a circle as he stroked it tightly. “Yeah that’d be me,” he said gazing down at the younger man with the baby face and green eyes.

Igor was dressed in a heavy unpatched leather jacket, his dark brown eyes staring into the man beside him, “s’your name?” Siddha asked quietly as the man turned back towards her, “Angel, baby, what’s yours?” Siddha shook her head quietly as she gazed up at Igor. “Angel’s not going to be happy,” Siddha muttered as Igor chuckled darkly, “probably not.”

Siddha nodded as she reached back her right arm and shoved it swiftly into the man’s face, she watched him fall back into the round table behind him, watched the bouncer gaze up and refuse to move a muscle. Smart man, she thought as she got down onto one knee.

“There’s already an Angel in these parts, and if I catch you using that name again I’ll slit your throat and shove your balls where your tongue used to be, is that clear?”

Igor chuckled softly as the people standing and sitting in the bar looked over to Siddha kneeling at the man’s head, she dropped it tightly, after a tight and hard tug of a fist full of hair, she released it sliding her hand down his face, stroking his cheek gently before giving it a heavy slap.

“It’s going to be okay Little Man…you’ll learn your place.” Siddha said quietly before standing and moving back the way she came out of the club.

Her gaze fell on the smart Alec she’d met at the door and she winked, “Welcome to Surrey, Kid” Siddha grinned warmly as she blew him a kiss, Igor shaking his head with a chuckle as he followed her.

“Do you think he knows?” Igor asked as they climbed into the truck, Siddha watched him for a moment before turning her gaze back to the dark haired blue eyed man, “no one ever knows when Destiny comes calling.” Siddha replied before starting the truck.

“He’ll figure it out.” Siddha whispered softly as she pulled the truck back into the rainy cold night of the Surrey BC October.

Death would be coming for that one, but if Siddha played her cards right, Death would lose, again.

It was just a matter of time.

Timing was everything.