Press Releases

One of the things I hate about my writing is my constant need to always explain everything all at once in what is known in the world of writers as “literary diarrhea”.

Once in awhile when I want to explain a certain character’s background without going the Stephanie Mayer route (worked for her, great la la whatever), I’ll write a “press release”, about a specific location. This allows me to talk about my character’s background without having to go into detail in the eventual when I figure out how to write it book version. It conserves time, but it also helps me to empty my mind of some of the clutter so I can go back to finding the meat of the story that I want to tell.

I must explain this because I want you to understand that what comes after this page is a work of complete and total fiction. These people that I have created do not exist anywhere in the world, never did, and cannot possibly exist because I have been crafting stories about them since I was a child.

I have chosen specific pictures from variety of places on the web, and used poetic justice to create as much realism in these “Press Releases”, as possible. In some places where necessary or artfully “needed”, I have used the names of real life people who inspired me throughout my life time. Whether it’s a famous Chef like Bobby Flay or Jamie Oliver, or a completely fictional character like Robert Downey Jr…(seriously, I’m really not certain he’s a real human being…I think he’s been cloned by a superior being…but that’s just me.).

I have taken liberty with reality largely because Donald fucking Trump is President and I have given up all hope that my future children will be raised in a world that isn’t in some way a fucking dystopian nightmare.

This is not a dystopian nightmare, this is majickal fiction, if you are interested in reading more about my characters then I suggest you carry on.


Devon J Hall