When I first started writing, it was as a poet. I was inspired by my friend and writing mentor Charles Bivona. I was also inspired by friend Barrie Hall, and a woman who went by the name Mia The Demoness.

These were my early inspirations, but as I’ve become more of an essay writer, I have decided to put most of my poetry away. Some of it can still be found here, but anything new will be found under this page on this site here. All about keeping the content together right?

The first poem I wrote was called Love Is A Waterfall. I was in seventh grade, and the substitute teacher at the time told me that I was too young to understand love.

As it turns out, love really is like a waterfall. It ebbs and it flows, it has moments of serene serenity and it has moments of absolute pounding exertion. It’s all about which path you’re on and where that waterfall is taking you.

I hope you enjoy reading my poetry as much as I enjoy writing it.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall