So recently to promote Uncomfortable, and the Podcast a little more, I’ve been on a Podcast Tour, promoting myself. I decided I wanted to keep a collection of all the Podcasts that I have done recently, so that you can hear them, but so that I can go back and listen and remind myself when I was in a better headspace.

Yes, this is totally about self promotion, but I am totally okay with that.


Turning Readers Into Writers with Emma Dhesi is a podcast about writing. Each week she discusses the art of writing. In this episode we really talked about the emotional toll it can take on the spirit, and ways to get around that so you can get the words in your head onto the page. I really loved doing this interview because instead of focusing on my trauma, I got to focus on the work. You can listen to the podcast we did Here.

All Around Wellness with Zachary Pritchard was a tough conversation, because we talked a lot about what I experienced and how I recovered, but it was difficult! I hope you enjoy, you can listen here.

Be Your Own Kind with Nita Q was one of the best conversations that I have had all year long. It was a beautiful conversation about Black women, mental health, cannabis use, politics, and sexual abuse, and yet we still found ways to laugh throughout our conversation. I genuinely loved this conversation, so check it out here.

Uncensored was a really difficult conversation about anger, mental health, and life after trauma. It was a great conversation with Anne Livingston, but that didn’t make it easy. Check it out here.

Ms Weed Wiki Speaks was a great conversation about mental health, cannabis, memory retention, and all the things that matter to me. I really loved this conversation because it was with one of my Budsista’s and my best friends.

Culture Nerds Podcast: I did this podcast with Joe O. Patrone, specifically because we got to talk about Buffy. Joe is also on my podcast talking about the love of comics, comic books, and comic movies. I loved this conversation, because I got to geek out, and I got corrected, and learned a few things I didn’t know before.


I did an interview with Pariya for CSJF Radio which is the station that I used to volunteer at. You can listen to that cast here.