Love Letters

This whole website started with the idea of writing love letters.

I write by hand, at least thirty love letters a month and I deliver them to Pace Society and the Surrey Women’s Center, once a month, though I admit I’ve been lax in writing them lately.

I write them because people have forgotten what it means to send someone a love letter, and how it feels to receive them. I’m talking about the letters that we write by hand, with the thought of one particular person in mind.

There’s something special about knowing that someone loved you enough to sit down, think about you and become inspired by your existence.

I write all kinds of love letters, some of them are simple re-blogs of things I find interesting on Tumblr. Others are written because I know what it feels to have received a love letter, and to give them away.

I like writing the ones to random strangers because I know that it makes some people feel good, and that is the purpose of the idea of the love letter. Done in times when it would take months from mail to get from one place to another.

Sometimes I feel inspired to write an electronic love letter, and if I do I’ll post them here. Largely because I think it’s fun to know that any one of you beautiful readers could have inspired each particular love letter.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall