Arcane Archives: Amara Aleigna Lee Saint James

Amara Aleigna Lee Saint James is the Great Great Great Great times many ancestor of our heroine Siddha Lee Saint James. It is said that she was one of the most powerful Empaths and Brujah women in history. Legend has it that she is one of the Twenty-Seven Elemental Elders of the High Elemental Court of Krisya Ohana. 

We acknowledge that she was born into slavery and to this day attest that her freedom was bought only moments after her birth when Lara Wynn Cavanaugh of the famed Charleston Cavanaugh’s saw her bright blue eyes and adopted her, as Lara Wynn could not have children of her own. 

This was fortunate as Amara’s mother – name unknown – died during the birthing. Lara Wynn and her husband David Cavanaugh took Amara from Jamaica to be raised in New Orleans, if only so that they could ensure that Amara would not be raised strictly around white people. It was a proud and happy family that appeared in New Orleans sometime during the early eighteenth century. 

Closer to the middle of the eighteenth century though dates are not entirely certain, it is said that Amara made her way to Canada during the great Slave Migration, landing in Vancouver British Columbia, where she built and lived in the famous Deas Island Saloon, which was later turned into a Canary, and finally a private family home owned by the Saint James Family to this day. 

Amara was known for being a careful woman who both squired away pennies and secrets. It is said that many a slave either worked at or escaped by visiting Deas Island, but then we don’t know for sure because until recently Krisya History was oral rather than written.  Amara had thirteen children and seven dogs at the time of her death, all of whom had her signature brown eyes with navy blue rings around them. Though it is said her children have scattered to the winds, the only descendant that is known to be directly related to the original Amara is Siddha Lee Saint James.

Among her jewelry, Amara was famous for wearing a single drop of Amber brought over from her home country of Africa, given to her by her mother at birth.

This stone in particular also belongs to her descendant, Siddha Lee Saint James, and is claimed to have belonged to the English Royal Family long before Amara’s birth. True or not it is a powerful stone of destiny that offers luck, strength and wisdom to the wearer. It is not to be stolen or sold, but like all heirlooms must be gifted to the wearer. Siddha has worn hers since birth and has never once taken it off.

This stone in particular is also said to weave powerful majicks around the wearer in order to protect it’s bearer from negative forces that may try to cause one harm in any way, mostly this relays to metaphysical attacks, but who knows with the Fae.

As an Ascendant it is said that Amara’s duty is to protect her descendants, by ensuring that during the Elemental Challenge she is there to give advice and bless the Jury with her presence. As a historical figure in the Saint James family she is one of twenty-seven Elder Tribe members who can relay history to the Elemental Elders and communicate with the living from the Sacred Chambers of Ascension.

In order to reach the communicative talents of Amara from the great beyond one must first be willing to sacrifice all that they are, all that they could be, and all that they might, to prove that they are who they want to be.

Without fail Amara will attend the proceedings largely because she hates being dead and would much rather have another shot at life….or well that’s what she said recently when she was called to the almost death bed of Siddha Lee Saint James.  It is because of Amara that Siddha Lee was granted her current status of Living Guardian.