Saint Little Self

Your childhood self is your own personal Guardian Angel. They know what they dreamt of when you were a child and they know all your secrets, even if they wish they didn’t.

I call my littlest self “Little” because she is shaped like a three year old but has the wisdom of many ages. She sees life as it could be, rather than as it is and is almost always right when I feel the urge to listen to her.

Born in Calgary Alberta on April 10th 1983, Saint Littlest Self is a sarcastic interesting creature who believes she comes from the source of all majick. The Jesse Tree.

Little doesn’t care about Politics or Celebrity, she understands keenly that she was protected by the Cree tribe of Alberta, and beloved by the Creole people of Jamaica.

She knows that she is English, Irish and Scottish and thus humanity knows no barriers or borders, as a “five nation girl” she believes keenly in the power of numbers and majick and has an annoyingly accurate firing finger when it comes to using her “abilities”.

Little prefers Hip Hop and 90s rap to the music that is available today, believing that there is wisdom in the music of the Elders of the Street as she refers to “Gangster Rappers”.

She is not a huge fan of “big people” but her least favourite of all people is “Big” who she finds to be rather stubborn and stuck up.

Little stands at three and a half feet tall, and about sixty-five pounds soaking wet. She has short curly black hair and stars for earrings. Her favourite colour is pink but she’ll never tell anyone that because she thinks it’s too “girlie”, even though she doesn’t really know what that means yet.

Little’s favourite animals are the horse and the dolphin. Horse because they are wild and free and Dolphins because they are the only animal she thinks looks good in “Grey” except for the Elephant which she believes is a majestic animal representing the Indian God Ganesha.

Little believes that all Religion is good for the soul when practices with purity and honesty, and believes that if it could exist, should exist or possibly potentially maybe perhaps might exist, then it does and thus does not understand why people fight over religion because she thinks that if you believe it’s real it must be.

God to her is an idea rather than an identity, Angels are born from humans who sacrificed their own lives for the betterment of humans, and the Goddess is a mother who lost her child early and wept so hard that other women joined her in Ascension.

She believes keenly that “Hell’s Angels” are not bikers at all, but men and women who have walked through the gates of hell at both ends and seen the darkest the world has to offer. The best in people she believes always, because she is a child, an innocent, pure of evil thought and negativity.

She doesn’t understand meanness or cruelty and tries always to be kind unless people are bothering her Big, in which case she can get violent in her revenge, which is something to see because again…she is “little”.

Little likes to paint and dress up, she loves to play with make up and use the computer to make digital images. She believes that painting is something Big’s don’t do enough, and even though she is a childlike mindset in the head of an adult, she enjoys sitting and swinging on the swings whenever possible.

Her favourite 90’s rappers are 2 Pac, Biggie and Mase, and nothing and no one will change her mind about that last one. She is also a big fan of Run DMC and Pastor Run’s daily affirmations.

Little enjoys spending her time listening to loud music and making love letters to hand out at Pride events across the city.

Her favorite past time of all time is curling up on the couch and watching movies. So far to date she’s seen every single one of Chris Evan’s films except for “Not Another Teenage Movie” which she is so offended by she considers a crime against film history.

She’s not wrong, that shit is fucking terrible.

As many of Evan’s films as she seen her favourite actor is still Tom Hardy who played both main characters in a film called “Legend” depicting the life and times of a pair of twin brothers whose criminal activity ended with the death of both of them in jail.

It is this film that inspired the story of Ava Monroe and JJ Deighton of Vancouver, British Columbia.