Krisya Ohana Society

Krisya Ohana is a group of Gypsy’s who live in the shadows of Planet Earth.

They have the ability to bend space and time for their own purposes and are split into two distinct groups. “Light Fae,” and “Dark Fae”, or Light and Dark Gypsy’s.

They believe heavily in God and Christ, as well as Lucifer and claim to be descended from the Ascended Angels of both Heaven and Hell.

Specifically it is said that these people are descended from Jesus and Mary of Nazareth, with each of the thirteen tribes representing one of the thirteen daughters of the two.

They are Matriarchal in their society which means that they are led on both sides by women.

They claim to behind all secret societies that ever existed, and refer to these other societies as “Tribes”.

They have within their tribes a Royal structure and as such have Thirteen Kings, Thirteen Queens, Princes, Princesses, Dukes and Duchess etc. One for each of the thirteen Major and Minor Tribes under their governed rule.

They are heavily into eugenics and as such believe that to associate or marry an outsider or goje is worthy of banishment.

Interestingly they claim no one particular race, color, creed or nationality, as they are spread out across the globe, and as such consider themselves to be a race in of themselves regardless of creed, color, nationality, orientation or size.

They number in the hundreds of thousands and keep strict records in various “Libraries” around the globe. Accessible only by students and members of the royal families.

When in travel many Kris people stay in local Embassy’s around the word, outsiders might call them “hotels”. Some of the most famous hotels in the world are actually run by members of the Kris Society.

They do not engage in outsider Politics, though they claim many friends in areas of government around the world, they have their own hierarchy and societal governments with their own elected officials for various positions and cities around the world.

They are a shadow society and as such run a shadow government who chooses not to engage in politics, although they do work with local goje Politician’s in order to keep the secret world….a secret.

The highest level of Government in Kris society is the Elemental Council, who claim to be Mediums, Psychics and workers of the Occult. These people have specifically developed abilities that allow them to “bend time and space”. They are spread out across the globe and ruled by the High Priestess and her chosen Priest – not always her lover or husband.

They are protected by a secret group of specially talented warriors known as “Guardians” who train in the Goje world for twenty years before becoming members of the Guard who protect mostly the Royal Families…although wealthier families do often higher their own guardians.


If you like this post, please consider asking questions or writing suggestions. I would love to hear what you think.

Sending all my love,

Siddha Lee Saint James,

Kris Historian


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