Krisya Ohana Law

Inspired by the Blood Laws of “Lost Girl”.

  • Majick is a gift not a privilege or a right. Use it with the knowledge that Majick has a cost and if you are not willing to pay it someone else will.
  • Majick should not be used to cause harm unless it is in the greatest possible need. Defense Majick is not the same as Attack Majick.
  • Tribes reserve the right to marry within their own clans and create their own laws as they need, but must understand that their laws are never superseded by that of the Declaration of Human Rights set out by the United Nations. 
  • Krisya Ohana do not engage in Murder. We hunt for Need, not for Sport.
  • Human Sacrifices are illegal.
  • Animal Sacrifices are also illegal, don’t murder animal’s in parks you sick freaks.
  • No person may claim any item, person, place or thing that was not intended for the person making the claim. You can’t claim people, or their stuff, so quit being assholes. Dancing with Fae is dangerous business, but as they have majick at their disposal as they please, do not mess with them. The House of Krisya Ohana can not help you if a member of the Fae has a grievance against you.
  • Fae Law supersedes Krisya Ohana Tribal Law. Because they are Fae, and we’re not stupid. Stupid.
  • Krisya Ohana are Pacifists by nature and as such do not engage in violence unless a life is at stake. In which case you better hope you are on their side. They have Majick too.
  • We are many Nations under Many God’s and respect that our Elders are Supernatural in Nature and know often that which we do not. We trust our Elders with everything we have, because we have learned what it means to cross a God. In other words, do not piss off the Narrator.
  • We eat whatever we want. There is no special diet, there is no special breed of food that will bring us closer to Gods, the only thing that does that is loving thyself as often and openly as possible.
  • No person, man or child, woman or in androgynous may ever control another person against their will for this is the darkest of all crafts and is considered rape in all of it’s incarnations. So in other words, we do not cast upon another, because we choose not to cause harm.
  • There is a difference between Light Fae and Dark Fae, there is always a choice to be made, so choose wisely.

This website is devoted to all those who Choose to work with the Light Fae, while simultaneously remembering to love that the Darkness exists when we have a need. We are blessed by your presence, no matter what side of the line you stand upon.