Dina Angel of Knowledge

This is a strange existence. I am not quite certain I can explain in such a way that your feeble mind will understand but I will do my best. I am part of the Qua’Azon or Paladin. For simplicity sake as I tell you my story I will use the more commonly used term”Paladin”, instead of the formal Qua’Azon.

We are, like yourself, a part of the cosmic collective. Unlike you however after we are born we grow into the knowledge of who we are. It’s called “Genetic Memory.”

It was once a safe guard against those who would use us to cause harm to your kind, in this galaxy.

I am one of four. A circle if you will, sisters and yet…not.

I was born on this Earth and yet…I am not from this Earth. My body like yours is merely a vessel, the only real difference is that we can see beyond the vessel into what lays within. Some may call this a gift. Other’s call it Majick. One might say that “We” the four, are Psychic.

Some use these gifts to guide and help other humans…however… there are some who use these powers to cause harm. It really just depends on the soul. The choices the soul makes well before they are born to a living vessel can have consequences for centuries.

There have been others like us. Galileo, Nostradamus, the Elite Four – Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael…The Buddha (All of them), Stan Lee and Steve Jobs…just to name a few.

We have come many times before and we will come many times after. Sometimes to prepare you for what is to come, others to give you the tools you need to grow. Sometimes just to watch, to observe and learn who and what you have or may become.

We are the Collective. We are the Qua’Azon.

We are a society within your planet that knows all sees all and directs the course of your futures and yet we are born to this existence only coming into this knowledge as we grow, age and mature. It’s a painful experience.

It is not easy to find each other and not every one who claims to be a Paladin is. It is natural that you know of us, you can as you say “google it.” Secrecy has never been a human’s greatest skill.

Now that you know what I am, I suppose I should tell you who I am. In the Silver City I am known as “Dina” in this existence your kind refers to Dina as the Angel of learning. I suppose that can be true, as I do love to learn, although I would not call myself an Angel. There is power in words, but we’ll get into that later. For now you may call me Ava.

It is what everyone around me calls me, it is the name I was given at my human birth.

I suppose it’s acceptable – it’s sort of the least of my problems.

As I’ve told you already I am from this earth but I am not. I, like my sisters were born to four separate families at four separate times – the thought behind this, is that this way we will all have different experiences which will keep us balanced when we finally come together.

Never in history has any entity been more wrong.

The hardest thing that you will ever learn is that there really is a delicate balance between good and evil, light and dark. It can be corrupted easily given the right pressure point. Just ask Eve, or Lilith.

In a time before human vessels before you were even a consideration we were just energy floating around the universe. There was nothing and there was no one. We just “were”.

Eventually a thought began to form among the collective. “What if?” That thought became a thing and that thing became creation. As the thoughts grew so did evolution. There is so much to tell you and not enough time.

Imagine the Matrix, Captain America, Star Wars all as different worlds created by various forms of existential energies – You call them entertainment. Where I come from these are the histories of our people. They are all in some way or another based in fact.

We have created so many universes, galaxies and dimensions that as we move from one life to the next we bring these stories with us.

Yes I am telling you Darth Vader exists, in another existence. Another dimension. Believe what you want however because we know you will, you’re only human after all.

I know you probably think I am crazy. Another on the list of things that is the least of my worries.

We keep these dimensions separate by keeping the balance between light and dark. Without the balance these dimensions would implode and then all life, all of us good and bad light and dark would cease to exist.

There are a certain percentage of both Light and Dark Qua’Azon in each Dimension in order to protect this balance and yet for some reason this particular dimension has attracted an extraordinary amount of the Sco’Amora.

The Sco’Amora are not concerned with the balance. They care only of power. They feed off of pain and suffering and darkness.

They are worshiped because of this power. David Miscavige is a particularly powerful Sco’Amora .

He like many of us had his awakening at fifteen and look at how that is turning out.

He’s not the most powerful, in fact he’s a bit of an idiot but he’s certainly strong. He’s very good at manipulation but his…as you would say, long game is almost over and it won’t end well, for him.

There are others however who are far more powerful and they’re just beginning.

I am preparing for my Awakening. Just a few days from now. You refer to them as “Birthdays”.

This is when I will choose my path. Sco’Amora or Paladin. I will of course choose the Paladin, but even at that I am not certain it is the right choice.

Peace, love and harmony are all obtainable but I am not certain that choosing Paladin will give me the strength I need for the fight that is to come.

I am not certain it will give us the strength we need. Only time will tell.