John Jack Deighton The Sixth

originalQuick Stats:

Age: 37 Height: 6’2 Weight: 232 Lbs

Eyes: Brown Skin: White Hair: Black

Nickname: Angel

Jack John Deighton, or JJ as he is known is the descendant of Jack John Deighton the first, also known as “Gassy Jack”.

JJ Deighton owns a two story penthouse apartment in the centre of the Woodward’s development.

He lives there with his cat Bella and his wife Ava Marie Monroe, of two and a half years.

JJ has black hair and brown eyes with a tiny scar on the left side of his jaw from a bar fight that ended with him being cut with a broken bottle.

JJ also owns and operates the “Bad Apple” Nightclub at the very edge of the Gastown limits. He wears a suit nearly all the time and has been called everything from Businessman to gangster though proof of any illegal activity he might be involved has never been corroborated.

Best-Back-Tattoo-Ideas-For-MenHe stands six feet two inches tall, weighs two hundred and thirty pounds of solid muscle and has a mural tattoo on his back.

He collects fast cars and manages the Friday Night Show and Shine Parade that rolls through Gastown every Friday night from July to September. There are prizes awarded to best car that rise to the hundreds of thousands. The annual event happens from six pm to ten pm, and the cars will almost always end up with their drivers at the Sugar Factory Nightclub, of which JJ is part owner.

130946senourjpg_00000079254JJ drives a custom built ’66 Ford Mustang in Velvet Red for special occasions, and an Audi R8 for every day driving.

JJ Graduated at twenty six from Simon Fraser University Burnaby with a major in law and a minor in business. He handles his own finances personally, and spends a great deal of time as Managing Partner of the Cavanaugh Group which deals in Imports and Exports of various goods from around the world.