Welcome to the home of the Sisterhood of She, Surrey And North Delta Chapter; we want to make this very clear, we claim a network of millions of women around the world, and we do so because we are mothers, daughters, sisters, cousins and friends.

We are the women who were failed by our husbands, sons, fathers, boyfriends and lovers, we are the women who stood in the shadows, abused and broken down, waiting for our chance to stand up and raise our voices.

We started the Surrey Chapter in 1953, and while the men in our lives continued to beat us down, abuse us and hurt our children, we quietly plotted and we planned. This website is dedicated to the wives, mothers, sisters, girlfriends victims and survivors of men in Surrey British Columbia.

We are the daughter’s of the Witches they couldn’t burn. They demanded our loyalty, without ever giving us a reason to be loyal.

They broke the code of what it meant to be Family, and they punished us for trying to fight back.

We did what we did to survive, we lived the way we needed to live to protect children that most of us were forced to have, and then blamed for.

We were chained to the darkness against our will, and finally now that we’re free…it’s our time to raise our voices and remind them who really runs this city.