JlRkHCdL763BFPC3HotvzDPkUR7bT1gzGFnJadINThe Guardian’s of the Kris people are essentially the governmental arm of the tribe. They are Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, Politician’s and Protectors of the Kris people.

They are identified by variations of this tattoo in particular in honour of the Goddess Mambo Ezili Danto, protector of Mothers because the Kris people are Matriarchal in design.

Guardian’s who are hired as Protectors go through rigorous training often spending several years in service to the various Goje Governments around the world, training with everyone from the Israeli Army to the United States Marine Core.

This training is invaluable to Guardians who are Protectors because the people they protect are not only wealthy but incredibly powerful on the world stage if albeit behind the scenes of the public world.

It is required that every Protector Guardian spend at least ten years in an Armed Forces capacity somewhere in the world before they are permitted to “Go Private” wherein they have the opportunity to work for one of the world’s twenty four wealthiest families or “Tribes”.

Often Guardian’s will return to their own tribe after service before taking a job in the private sector, they spend at least a year doing rest and relaxation while continuing to train at home or together, before they are allowed to apply for a job with one of the Tribal Elders.

They are paid quite handsomely and depending on the tribe will often wear a piece of jewellery that signifies that particular Guardian’s tribe.

The Krisya Ohana have their own Therapists for those Guardians who suffer from PTSD and have high success rates in reuniting a Veteran with the outside world. You will find that most Guardian’s cover their tattoos except for the one on their right hand which signifies their Element, their God or Goddess House and their birth.

Guardian’s are paid quite handsomely for their work and quite wealthy in their own rights but they are never ever Royals. Guardian’s are one step below Royals in the Matriarchal society and come from anywhere in the world as the Kris are spread out globally.

Only a handful of Guardian’s are chosen to protect Royals and they are only chosen every four years in a special ceremony referred to as “The Kris” in which as many of the tribes people will gather as possible as it is often the only time to catch the “Royals” together in one place.

The event takes place every four years during the Olympics and follows the same sort of travelling system, usually meeting in the host city of the Olympics.

Every three years Guardian’s attend a sacred ritual known as “The Hunt”, although no one is precisely sure what happens at these events as not even Elder’s are permitted to attend without special permission.