Abel “Angelous” Damascus


Angelous Damascus was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia during the days of the American Prohibition.

It is claimed that along with John Jack Deighton, Damascus was apart of the group now known as the “Northern Angels.” Guardian’s who were specifically tasked with bringing American Slaves into the town of Vancouver proper through the Underground Railroad.

Not much is known about the Damascus line, however Abel is known to have had three sons in total and one alleged daughter, though her name was lost to history. The three sons however were Kaine, Draconous and Gabriel Damascus. All three were to have said inherited their father’s keen business sense, but only Gabriel had any children that the Krisya Ohana Archives have been able to track.

It is said though we have been unable to confirm, Isobella Duncan, a mulatto slave from New Orleans is the mother of the daughter lost to history. Any information about Isobella and her daughter would be immensely helpful and can be posted in the comments below this page.