Herstorical Figures

In the world of Krisya Ohana like in any world, there are a variety of characters that need to be highlighted for the story to make sense. I decided a long time ago that I wanted to write in such a way that the audience already knows who each character is without me having to explain it in each story.

I have decided to include the following characters into the story and would like to stress that although they might be inspired by people in my real life, they are all in fact completely functionally fictional, although they all have voices of their own that never seem to shut the fuck up. I am often told that this is merely exactly what it means to be a writer.

I will be adding characters as needed, but if you’re overly curious you can click the image links to head on over to those that are already written. I hope you enjoy reading about these characters as much as I enjoyed learning about them.

Since this is a mostly Matriarchal society we are keeping a list of our most famous and powerful ancestress’ here.

Most of the women in our tribe are of Creole Descent but many of them thankfully claim powerful Gypsy relations. It is important that we catalog these women as they are our ancestors and without them our story would not exist.

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Amara Aleigna Lee Saint James