There are six Realms of Existence that hold dominion over Thirty-Six Chambers. The Kris Council is broken up into the following areas:

Elemental Elder Council includes but is not limited to: (in no particular order)

Ares Thor Zeus Hecate Hera Apollo Hermes Sif Aphrodite Cupid Eros Hercules Epona Diana Nyx Posiden Neptune Mars Venus Ganesha Vishnu Kali Shiva Lakshmi Oshun Hephaestus Artemis Dionysus Jesus Santa Maria Osiris Yu Ashanka

Under the High Elemental Elder Council are the Elder Tributes who come from more tribes than we can count from across the world. Together they make up the

Krisdom Council of Elemental Elders

Followed by younger and far more human Elders who lead as Teachers, Philosophers, Guardians and Spiritual Elders. 

In each city there can be more than two thousand members of the Kris Council Tribes living together often times without even knowing it. Each tribe has their place of gathering where they spend time together away from the outside human or gojeh world. Outsiders are strictly forbidden from entering the world of Kris without permission granted by the Council. In order for you to be given access to our secrets you must first suffer through “The Challenge”. Luckily for you however, SOMEONE already did that, because we learned that not telling our secrets can quite literally get people we…kind of like, maybe sorta care about, dead…and we like our people living, thank you. 

The following are “titles” granted to those who successfully survive the Elemental Challenge, designations granted at Graduation.

We do not claim any one single culture or ethnicity in our tribes as the Elemental Elders claim dominion over all humans. We come from all walks of life, including but not limited to, Vampire, Werewolf, Psychic Vampire, Demon and Angel. Whoever or whatever you are, no matter your label, you just like the rest of us have to answer to the Gods…the only difference is that not only are we aware of our ascended ancestors, we practice the study of their lessons daily.

Although there is only one Elemental Council – made up of the aforementioned Gods and Goddesses, each tribe has a series of councils and sub councils that communicate with the Elder Realms.

Each council is made up of members from the following sectors:

Record Keepers

The Record Keepers are often born to families of great wealth and live in the higher end of society. It is their job to ensure the secrets of the Tribes are kept and to keep close tabs on those who use their gifts for money. They keep our history’s and often more than not, live with the records. Which means they get to live in big beautiful fancy homes that contain books, stories and artifacts from our history. Assholes live in fucking museums. We’re not at all jealous.


Guardians travel the world often spending little to no time in a “home” setting. It is their job to ensure the safety of the Royal Houses’ of Krisya Ohana. By Royal we mean old white rich guys. Often times they are sent from one city to another searching for the most powerful among us so that we may be trained to the best of our potential.

Guardian’s travel in Packs of six at a time, and can spend anywhere from six months to a year searching for their targeted student. Often times they come in the guise of friends, but they can just as easily come to you as challengers, expecting you often to prove you are who they are looking for, whether you want to or not.


Our Teachers are those who have great wisdom to impart, and are among the largest gathering of the Tribe. They have various jobs in the mundane or Goje world, but their focus is always first and foremost on helping Krisya students to find their way along the journey.

Teachers are often visited at their jobs by students, which is an annoying but often necessary irritation. They do not have set times or classrooms that they work out of, but it is genuinely encouraged to speak to them in person rather than using one of the majickal means of communication of which we have access. To interrupt someone’s teaching time is just considered rude.

Artistic Historians

Historian’s are among our most respected, largely because it is their job to tell our stories through art. This may include tattoos, paintings, literature or film. Their job is to continue our tradition of oral and written record passing.

They are often employed in the mundane world, but beneath the surface are always there if you know how to find them.


While students do not often appear to or on the High Elder Council’s, let alone the High Elemental Elder Council their presence in our world bears creating a special spot for them here.

During a life time a Gypsy Witch may have more than thirty teachers in their life time, outside of their Goje educational system. Each of the above is granted a student to teach, remind, help or guide, and it is the students job to recognize the teacher when they arrive.

Each teacher is granted no more than thirteen students at a time, and each student has three primary Guardians to protect them from harm while on the spiritual journey that is Krisya Class…or affectionately known as being “in the woo-woo”.