Loud Mouth Brown Girl owes hundreds of people for the inspiration it took to go from an idea to an actual project turned brand in the making.

The following are some of the people working behind the scenes to ensure the safety and protection of our writers, volunteers, friends and family.


These beautiful icons of representation used in various places around the website are the divine creation of Phil Terrace and Carey Sullivan* who helped to design these while the witches were asleep, Elves play. Thankfully they are both incredibly as skilled with their hands as they are mine. (Hah.)

The original image for the first days of LMBG began with these by the Original Vector Designed by ildari0n with the aid of the beautiful and stunningly amazing Model Miss Smith.:


This is as far as I am able to find, the closest resemblance to my personal hero and alter ego, Siddha Lee Saint James as I can find, and her twin sister Cameron Beau Cannon and essentially make up the quality of artwork that I aspire when we add new pieces to the website.

Some of the following were designed by my tattoo artists from various shops around the cities, and forget if you think I’m ignoring Bill Gaspari, from Adrenaline, the original shop that shall never be named again crew, and my friend and little sister Clare.

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and last but not least, some attempts at designs for The Tribes that will eventually make their way back onto the website when I have time to write out proper historical facts, designed by my artist friends who have the guts to tattoo this stuff onto a human body. ONLY members who belong to this website have these tattooed so if you get em, and it’s not by one of our artists, you’re probably gonna get a “welcome to the club weirdo,” if you don’t, it’ll show up eventually, they always do.