Vancouver, Surrey and New Westminster are filled with rich history of all kinds of cultures coming together to create this great Province. As someone who is Roma, English, Irish, Scottish and Jamaican I have tried and am trying each time I create a new character to pull from the rich history offered to me by my mother and father.

In doing so I have created a fictional world that wraps as best as I can around the world that I live in. Sometimes these characters will shift over time, but as I create the story for The Book, I wanted to create a digital snapshot of these characters. They are some based in reality and others complete fiction. Each one comes with an Actor or Actress who either inspired the character, or is perhaps my dream artist to re-create what I am trying to do here.

Either way I decided it was a time that each of these characters had a place to live and this is it, over the coming months you’ll learn about as much of these characters as I know. Sorry, no information on Siddha yet…it’s too weird writing a character based on yourself damnit, gimme time!