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Dear Teenagers….

I wanted to write a post telling you to enjoy these years. I wanted to say that these are the best years of your life, when you are just starting to discover who you are, without the influence of those around you. You are exploring your bodies, minds and souls, and that can be both… Continue reading Dear Teenagers….

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Dear Men

I've been thinking about this for a very long time. Probably because women such as myself have been fighting for the same rights and freedoms men have had for hundreds of thousands of years. There is this prevailing theory that once upon a time, women were considered powerful and that power was respected. Largely because… Continue reading Dear Men

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My Writing Time Is More Important Than Sex

There is nothing, and I mean nothing that can take me away from my writing time. Except maybe my mother crying out in pain. My writing time is sacred, it is the most important time of my day, because it's a spiritual time for me. It's the time I spend getting to know how I… Continue reading My Writing Time Is More Important Than Sex

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Release The Banshee

About three weeks ago I was completely asleep when I heard a small tiny sound. I woke up, screamed as loud as I could and realized the thing that had scared me was a pair of freshly born kittens who were running around my bedroom. But God damn did that scream feel good. It felt… Continue reading Release The Banshee

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I was going to write a post about addiction, but right now my current addiction is the news. I have become a complete and total junkee for what is happening around the world. I have to tell you, I am fucking terrified. Secret Police nabbing people off the street, and we're not hearing from lawyers,… Continue reading Vote