How To Blog Well…

I figured since I am entering my twentieth year of posting my work online, it was about time that I started compiling a list of things that have helped me during my blogging Career.

Over the last twenty years I have learned a thing or two about works and what doesn’t work, but the one thing that I’ve learned above all else is that if you want to be a blogger you have to decide what kind of Blogger you want to be.

There are only two kinds:

  • Full time Commercial Blogger
  • Hobbyist

I am attempting to be a full time Commercial Blogger, and in doing so I’ve realized the game has changed. First and foremost, if you want to have a brand that you want other people to want to invest in, you have to create a brand you want to invest in.

That means spending money, but spending money in the right places. I personally turn down my nose at anyone who doesn’t use WordPress, because I think it’s the more professional looking software when it comes to website design. The designs are clean and well organized and easy to use. Plus…I’m a fucking snob.

That being said that’s personal opinion, and experience.

Theme of Your Blog

The theme of your blog should represent your view of the world, but that being said I didn’t have a theme when I first started this blog. I needed a place to get the stuff that was inside of my head, out of my head, and this was the perfect place to do that.

It was only later that I decided my focus was going to be on Mental Health, Spirituality and Creative Fiction, and that’s largely because those are the things that I am consumed with these days. I am focusing on my mental health with my Doctor, and so I spend a great deal of my time trying to find ways to heal, it sort of just fell into my lap due to the circumstances of my lifetime.


Definitely have a logo.

Your logo can be a word, but I prefer cartoon versions of myself, largely because I consider myself to be one giant cartoon. Whatever your logo, remember that it needs to be reminiscent of your website, of your entire brand. When you look at my logo you know I am a loud proud pot smoking Brown Girl, it says all of that with one image. It is succinct and clean.

Choose something clean and simple that represents who you are. If your journey is spiritual, make sure that your logo represents that, same if it’s technological. Whatever it is it needs to be immediately identifiable with your brand.

I use this artist from Fiverr.Com and he’s designed both my Brown Girl logo’s so far. Both logos cost me less than $50.00 each, and I think were quite worth it.


A lot of people think that you should have images in your blog posts, I say take it or fucking leave it. Either works depending on what you’re going with. For me, I think they are a distracting pain in the ass. I am a Writer, I want people to read my writing, I want them to focus on the words that I have worked so hard to weave together, so I don’t add a lot of pictures in my post…also I’m lazy. It seems to be working because people are reading my work, so my suggestion is to do what works for you.

Promotions and Networking

This is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do, largely because I hate promoting myself. I am not good selling myself, but it’s a skill and like any skill it can be learned.

Join some Blogging groups on Facebook, find like minded Writer’s groups online. I am not good at making dates with people in real life, so real life writer’s groups don’t work for me.

But I can put an hour or two a day into a blogging group on Facebook no problem. Through my groups I’ve met loads of wonderful people who are serious writers who have helped me learn a thing or to about the kind of Blogger I want to be.


No matter the theme of your blog, you can write about what you’re feeling today, in the moment. A Lot of people think that they have to stick to the theme of your main blog, but a lot of blogs are successful largely because the reader learns something about the writer. Don’t be afraid to put a little of your life story into your posts, they go a long way to explaining your experience and giving people the feeling that they can connect to you as a human being.

Visit the Competition

This is something I make a habit of doing at least two or three times a week, at the very least so I can keep up with Blogging trends and upgrades, but also because I get inspired by reading other blogs. It’s not just about networking when I am checking out your blog, it’s because I’ve found something eye catching about what you are doing, and I want to know more.

It’s a great way to learn what you can do better, but it also gives helps me to know if I am going in the right direction with what I am doing, based on what I see others doing. If after I’ve read someone else’s blog I still don’t see something about my site I want to change I know I am on the right path.

This is also a great way to meet new Bloggers, which is always good for future opportunities.

Sign Up For NewsLetters

This is another great way to learn from Bloggers who have been at this longer than you. By signing up for their newsletter you are not only supporting them and creating good Karmic points, but you can learn what they are doing so it gives you an idea of what you want to be doing. I am not suggesting you steal from the competition, but how else will you learn if you won’t study the work of those who came first?

Connect With Your Audience

Make sure that people can easily share your posts through social media by adding Share Me buttons. Make sure that your comments are turned on, because really what you want is that exchange of ideas. If your audience can’t connect with you they are less likely to feel like they can connect to your content, which at the end of the day is the goal.

Remember That Blogging Is A Full Time Job

There is a lot that goes a long with having a successful blog you can be proud of, and despite what people think it’s not just writing dynamic posts. It’s everything I listed above, it’s a lot of sitting at the computer trying to figure out what to say, it’s a lot of trying to understand how to connect with total strangers.

It’s a full time job, and that means it’s okay to take breaks when you need it throughout the day. You can’t focus on working twenty-four hours a day, without taking a break every now and then, so make sure you are setting hours for yourself that you are willing to stick to.

For me because I am so early in the building and foundation process, there is not an hour of the day that isn’t spent trying to come up with content for my blog. Even my meditations lately have been opportunities for me to find ways to share my thoughts.

At the end of the day you get out of it what you put into it. Like any job, if you continue to chip away at the formula’s you’ll find thousands of online including this one you will find one that works for you.

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