Blog Tips

So in reaching out to and finding other bloggers, I am seeing a lot of common and little mistakes or missteps that people make when creating their blog and promoting it. So I thought I would compile a list of suggestions that you might find helpful here.

I’ve been writing blogs and online journals for almost twenty years, so I have learned a thing or two that might help those of you wanting to make blogging a full time experience.

The first and foremost mistake I see is not labeling the tab in the window, it’s a silly thing but it’s important because it’s apart of the overall site design.


It’s a super thing, but it’s about your branding and ensuring that people see it as often as possible. In WordPress this change is made through the customizer under Site Identity. 

The next thing is color scheme, I won’t go into too much detail, just know that if it’s hard for you to read it might be hard for those with sight issues to read. Keep in mind you want your blog to be accessible to as many readers as possible.

So color is hugely important. I have a lot of color on my website, but the one thing I also have is a white background so that color isn’t as shocking to the eye, especially since most web pages have a white background so switching from white to all color can be hard on the eyes.

Thirdly, decide what kind of a website you are building, because if it’s a blog sometimes it can be hard to figure out. Make sure you are using menus and sidebars to showcase where people can find your writing, if they can’t find it they won’t look long.

Social Media

Social media is hugely important to the promotion of your blog, so connect your social media to your blog so that people know where they can follow you. The more followers you have the more people will be inclined to check out your website and see what you’re about, thereby wanting to buy into your product, whatever that maybe.