bookUncomfortable is my first book as an author. It’s a collection of essays written from the perspective of a Canadian Black woman.

While the essays contain parts of my story, at the core the book is about how I see the world and why I think how I see the world matters.

It’s a book of reminders that our lives matter, regardless of our skin color but even more so because we are Black men, women, and children who have been told for more than four hundred years our lives don’t matter. For too long, Black children heard they could be anything they wanted to be from those that love us the most, while simultaneously being told we’re not allowed to dream because of the color of our skin.

My dream has only ever been to be an author…there are a lot of things I wanted to be in between then and now, but at my core, I have always known that I was going to be an author.

Latasha Jimerson said it is like an emotional slap to the face. Kim Rhodes said it was like the exhibits of dead bodies without skin, only for emotions.

I take pride in that. My writing is raw and rough, it’s not supposed to be comfortable or easy to read, it’s supposed to make you question the way you see the world and push against how you believe others see the world.

It’s me in a nutshell and I am so excited to share it with you.

You can preorder it here on Amazon, and Here for E-Books. Available for Paperback Here.