Avalyne Badis Cavanaugh

f885e0dd7429d9039c3668958b918becOrphaned at age sixteen, Avalyne Cavanaugh became the singular heir to the Cavanaugh Investment Group and catapulted her future through the path of Destiny by using her considerable wealth to start the Lu Ban Foundation. In honor of her ancestors who came mostly from the world of carpentry before taking the business world by storm.

At age twenty-six, Avalyne Cavanaugh graduated with a B.A. in Business and Sustainability combined. Little is known about the personal life of Cavanaugh, though she claims to be one fifty Romanian if you ask she will merely say “I am Creole through and through.”

Avalyne lives in Vancouver, British Columbia and travels extensively for the Lu Ban Foundation. One of several elders on the Krisya Council, she is a natural Empath and Psychic. She has written four books on Sustainable art and community building and is on the board of Trade for Langley British Columbia.