Ava Monroe Kingston Kent

PicMonkey CollageAva Monroe left home at fifteen and was emancipated at sixteen years old with her sister, Sugar Ledoux, before attending Point Gray Academy in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

c0211bafbf96c4b298b7551a87a65a34She attended Vancouver School of Art where she minored in Fashion and majored in Business.

After two additional years of business school at SFU’s Beatty School of Business she was inducted into the Royal House by Her Royal Highness Patricia O’Bryan Maryweather and his Royal Highness Henry Davidson Maryweather.

After school she traveled the world collecting art, and antiques from around the globe which she shipped home and sold in her store “Hocus Pocus Arts and Antiques” in Gas Town Vancouver.

To date she has credits for helping to dress various sets on several films.

Ava is currently single though it is rumored she is dating Adam Dominguez, but so far both parties are denying this rumor. Vehemently.