Location, Location, Location

Some of my favorite places in the world are here in British Columbia, and the best way I can think to honor them, is to create fictional stories about the places that I love so much.

Some of them are places that you might walk by and never look twice at, like an S.R.O that someone I care about works at, which I’ve turned into a bed and breakfast owned by Cameron Beau Cannon, or a Library owned by the city of Vancouver built to resemble the Roman Coliseum.

These locations are not special because of anything that I might come up with, but because they hold a certain kind of magic in their own right, while I have yet to sit down and write anything resembling a novel, it is my hope that when the time comes for me to actually write the novel some of the places that I love the most might be included in the future movie that I plan to have written about the life and world I am creating here.

I will update the list as the locations make themselves known, but until then, I hope you will continue to surf through the database I am building, perhaps you’ll share some of your own majickal local haunts.

Sending all my love,

Siddha Lee Saint James