Isobella King nee Badis Cavanaugh

rae-Chong-3-640x426As the first wife of Jonah King, Isobella Cavanaugh provided the Vancouver Gypsy tribe with four daughters and three sons. Only three short years after his presumed death, did Isobella wed one Tobias Tomas Badis Cavanaugh.

Her life with King was quite different than her life with Tobias. With King she was his third wife and provided him with many children, were as with Badis Cavanaugh she had only one daughter.

Although Tobias has allowed her children to live in his home with their single daughter Siddha Lee, King’s children have chosen to remain on the compound from whence they came, with their thirty-two siblings and five step-mothers.

Traditionally speaking, a Gypsy wife would not re-marry after their husband dies for at least five years, but both Isobella and Tomas swear that theirs is a marriage of love, which must be true as it required three Council of Kris appearances and Elder approval before it was allowed to happen.

Also very un-gypsy like, Isobella is not a stay at home mother, but instead works side by side with her husband at Casa Blanca Entertainment which happens to be the largest Video Game Company in Canada. CB Entertainment provides work for more than two thousand employees all of whom have the opportunity to age up through the ranks from the warehouse towards Game Development and Design.

Together they carry two seats on the Council of Kris, which is the local government for all British Columbia based Roma Gypsy.

Her eldest daughter Siddha Lee Saint James is almost a recluse with the lack of information that is available about her, all that is really known is that she travels extensively and is home schooled by her Guardians.

Isobella stands five feet seven and a half inches, weighs one hundred and forty pounds with caramel brown skin and dark brown eyes rimmed with navy blue. She claims to spend as little time as possible in the sun and works with the Vancouver Board Of Trade to invite game designers from around the world to Vancouver for the bi-annual EA Games Boot Camp, where designers are challenged to show off their talents by designing and creating world class games in only six months time.

Isobella does not speak to her children from her former marriage, as per gypsy tradition they have chosen to stay with their father’s family and as such have no contact with either their mother or sister.