Arcane Archives

In my head, like many authors I am working on a novel based on the life of a creation called “Siddha Lee Saint James”.

Within these archives are the history of the character, her friends, family and even some of her enemies called “Challengers”.

These pages contain information on the world that I am building for Siddha Lee, I decided to make it public because mostly I was tired of people in my life claiming my work.

This work is inspired by many religions across the globe, ideologies and theologies are what inspire me to be the kind of human I aspire to be, and without them I wouldn’t exist as a human or a writer.

It is with the help of my friends, family and a massive emotional exorcism of drama, that I am able to put these pages together. I hope you will enjoy reading about my fictional fantasy fairy tale world as much as I enjoyed living the real life version of all the people, places and things that make me who I am.

With all my love,

Devon J Hallgate