Adam Dominguez

mens-black-suit-styles-business-professional-ideasAdam Dominguez was born and raised in Surrey, British Columbia, he grew up in the Brownsville Trailer Park home with his mother and a string of men laughably called “boyfriends.”

He graduated high school at North Delta Senior High school, and attended the Beatty School of Business at Simon Fraser University.

After school Dominguez traveled with the Canadian Armed Forces before spending three years as a Royal Kris Guardian for Elizabeth Badis Cavanaugh. He officially retired after the disappearance of both she and her husband more than twenty years prior.

In his retirement Dominguez launched Lumière Magazine which details the lives and times of the Kris people through an online blog where any member of the Royal clans are welcome to share their experiences and stories. He also owns and operates the Black Jack Cafe on Commercial Drive in the East Vancouver district of the lower mainland.

The Black Jack Cafe caters to the late night Friday night crowd providing libations and live music as well as monthly drag shows which raises money for LBGTQ Youth living on the streets of Vancouver.