The Decision

Once upon a time, a stupid boy kissed a girl – a not so stupid girl – in a bar full of strangers right after calling them family.

It was at that moment a decision was made, because he was warning her that someone had put a contract out on their heads. Someone was trying to murder a group of people who knew that a man who was very bad, had raped these people when they were children.

His name was Eryn Giles. He had a partner named Colby Pallson, and both men were fully intending to do it again, to a new group of children as soon as Giles was released from Prison.

In order to prevent this, they allowed some very terrible things to happen to themselves, and they were raped again. This time by the same people they had thought were friends. Justin Morris and Christopher Trotchie.

This time this group of people had decided it was never again going to happen to anyone as long as they lived, and so they created a website, in order to pretend to be guilty so they could protect the innocent.

With the help of the Hell’s Angel’s Motorcycle Club, and the RCMP they were able to decipher almost thirty years worth of stories of child pedophilia and rape, using every possible lie they could tell, through this website, so that they could never be called “Rats”.

Which to a group of children who were forced to become gangsters, in order to hide the secrets that boys and girls alike were forced to have sex against their will, could never break the unbreakable code of the street.

You never tell a cop.

We were violated, we were violently abused, our anus’s punched and beaten, our vagina’s broken with baseball bats and barbed wire.

Grown men pretending to be Hell’s Angel’s broke into our homes and brought boys who were both drugged and hypnotized into our bedrooms and forced them to have sex with each other and us. We fought back the only way we could and that was through this website.

Brandon Fowler, Adam and Dough W, respectively, Angel, Michael Ross and the Horsemen’s Motorcycle Club along with the Hell’s Angels and the city of Surrey are owed a huge debt by us for allowing us to tell our story in the one possibly insane crazy story we could.

So we wouldn’t be rats, you warned a girl that night Angel that someone was trying to kill her, for real, and she saved our lives.

So now the truth has to come out….Angel doesn’t exist.

She is not a male or a female, she is a name that we used a thousand times on the streets of Surrey British Columbia. Many people in Surrey Gang life, even the Police until recently, assumed that Angel was the name of a real person.

Specifically a male person. It’s a fucking War Cry that Justin Morris could never have understood, which we realized when one year during the summer he had the unfortunate choice of deciding whether toΒ  be our friend or to work for Colby.

He chose to enter into the employment of Colby Pallson, which I learned when he told me flat out “I don’t know who you know,” which told me as a wise girl of twenty-three, that he was the same boy who had raped me just a few weeks before.

I had been wondering what to do, knowing that someone had come into my room and raped me while my boyfriend at the time had been out on another crack cocaine binge. I know now that it was Justin because the man who had raped me said “I don’t know who you know and I don’t care.”

You should have known Justin that when you live in the streets, when you play in the streets, and when you are raised by the streets, if you don’t know who someone knows you probably shouldn’t fuck with them.

I decided back then to ignore it and let it go – I would deal with Justin when the time came to tell the truth, because the truth is that none of us wanted to be members of the fucking Wolf Pack, we were the Lion’s Den.

We were the children of men and women who work and live in this city in various levels of the society that we were raised in, and none of us had a fair shot but Justin had a choice and he finally made the right one.

Recently he gave us permission to tell the truth about the “Rat” of the Wolf Pack – it wasn’t him, it was Chris Trotchie, Justin told the person who everyone “thinks” is Angel what happened to Devon J Hall on October 27th 2014 and that was when it was decided that this website would have to go up, finally.

Even though, I personally wanted no part of this plan – even though I personally wanted to ignore the fact that I was gang raped, so that “Angel” would be blamed for my eventual suicide, even though in particular I never wanted to call Michael Ross a rapist, I had no choice.

It was the only way to combat the fact that all of us were victims of Doctor Golden, Colby Pallson and Eryn Giles.

The story of Siddha Lee Saint James, is about me (obviously) but there are many other characters who have helped me along the way based on real people, including but not limited to the kids who hung out at the former Flamingo Hotel.

Some of us returned to watch others celebrate it’s end while others stayed away because we have far too many false memories that we were forced to create in that place while we hid and waited for Colby to make his next move.

Somewhere out there Colby is plotting and planning to get me back for telling the truth, but I really could care less.

He pulled good men and women out of their recovery and used the Recovery House system in Surrey to hide his crimes.

Many men and women specifically will tell you about how Colby and men like him treat women and children, but only one has the fucking guts to say it on a website that anyone could read.

Real men and real women were harmed in the making of this website, and when the police finally listened to us they realized that they had a shit ton of cases they need to review.

Because of Doctor Golden’s reign of terror, hundreds of children have grown up into men and women who do not trust their own memories. Colby Pallson took advantage of that and used it to sell children into slavery. Those slaves grew up, smoked a shit ton of pot, and created this website, putting their own reputations on the line ala “The Dirty Dot Com” style until the men felt strong enough to talk about the times that Pallson and Giles raped them.

It must be noted that some of these grown men are children of Hell’s Angel’s, who had no idea what was happening to their children because they believed that the Power of the Patch kept their children safe.

The truth is that Children are never safe from Pedophiles which is why it is utterly important that your children come ahead of anything, including the Patch, which thankfully the Angel’s agreed with or we’d all be dead. We’re sorry for misleading you, but please know the reason we didn’t tell you what was happening to us was because we did not want our parents to go away for Murder…which let’s face it.

Colby’s been in Jail for about a week now, which is why this side of the story is only just coming out today. But if it were not for Full Patched Hell’s Angel’s sitting back and listening to our stories without judgement he might have come to a far more violent end, which was not something any of us wanted to have happen.

Real people had to die, or pretend to be dead, in order to stop Dr. Golden and Pallson’s child rape scheme, we lost real friends and we know that death only brings more pain.

We want these men to rot in prison for the rest of their lives, and we want to ensure that new laws are created to protect Doctors from ever being alone with a patient – specifically a child patient – ever again.

That’s the purpose of this website, and if you want to call us rats for that go a fucking head, we dare you. Angel might just be a name, but the reputation behind it is not.

Sending all our love,

The Survivors