KrisKrisya Ohana is a single world, split into four syllables, that describe everything that could be, would be might be should be or possibly potentially might have happened in my life.

I created this word when I was seven years old, and throughout the years I have been adding stories based on characters that I created who were all inspired by people who are my friends, my family and my Ohana. Even though “Ohana” means family, to me Ohana is more important than just family.

Family is something you are born into, Ohana is something you choose every single day, and no matter what happens you never turn your back on your Ohana. No matter what they do, or what it looks like, they will always have your back, because we make a constant choice every single day to love each other, support each other and be there when the shit hits the fam. Literally and figuratively.

What you see here is an incomplete work in progress that will continue until the day comes I actually publish a hard copy of my book. In part it is fiction, in part it is reality. In part it is a conversation with myself and the voices in my head about the world, while simultaneously feeding my addiction to writing fiction.

Throughout this book / website you will find stories of complete ass backwards upside down fiction, and you will find if you know me, that some of those stories are based in reality. It just sort of depends on how I feel about my life and the world around me when I decide to write.

Some of the stories are funny, like the time I had a dream about my tattoo artist about a year ago and stopped talking to him because it was supposed to be a sex dream but just turned out to be creepy and weird. (True Story.)

Some of the stories are based in sadness, fear and the complexities of being a female in Surrey British Columbia, largely raised by gang life.

Whatever you decide you feel about this website, about the stories here, I hope you will understand they are dedicated to the Surrey BC Surrey Crew, Wolf Pack, and other larger than life persona’s who have inspired me never to give up trying to have a better life than the one that was decided I deserve by those who should never have tried to push me through the cracks.

Over the next several months I will be adding more information about the world and characters of Krisya Ohana, Politics, Marijuana use and the spirituality that Krisya Ohana has evolved into. These things are what helped me survive being the only English, Irish, Jamaican, Scottish and Romanian girl raised in Surrey, British Columbia.

I was surrounded by Gangsters who thought I was cool because I looked like a girl that might hang with 2Pac, (True story!) and Cops who refused to believe me because I am on a list in some basement somewhere that says I am “affiliated”. I am neither a Gang Girl nor a Gangster, I’m a writer, how found a way to survive, and this is it.

I hope you enjoy my writing,

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall